Register for Tip of the Hat Hoops Events

Welcome to the Fab 48 Tournaments Registration center. Here you will be able to create a
Team Account to manage your team registration as well as take care of your travel plans.

Your team is not confirmed in the tournament until full payment is received. No refunds will be issued
if you cancel registration. If you need further assistance or have any questions call (917) 319-5195.

EASY AS 1-2-3!

Just "click" on the picture icon below. That will take you to your Team Log-in page where you will create your Team Account. Once you have created the account... you will be able to log back in and complete your Team Registration information as needed. Be sure to write down the USER NAME and PASSWORD you used to create your Team Account!

 *  You must create a separate Team Account for each team you are entering in our event.
Just Login to your Team Account and complete the steps. You will be guided through each step, and be able to track your progress. You MUST complete the first 3 Steps to confirm your Reservation! The remaining steps can be completed at your earliest convenience.
When you have completed ALL the Registration Steps and indicated on your form that they are complete, our Staff will review your form and put your Team on our "Good to Go List" which we will publish online. Please don't ask us if you have "completed" a step or the process until you have reviewed your information in your Team Account. It was designed so that it is easy to see where you are at in the process.
To stay compliant with the NCAA regulations we require that a new account be created for each team every year. Last year's Login info will not work. Thank You!